When I graduated the Estonian Art Academy in 1991 for Graphic Design, I faced a problem, what to do next. I had some experience in managaing an art gallery. 
Exposure with porcelain painting gave me an idea to make my own company. So I did. In the beginning with only a handful of painters, the firm started grow. I designed my own style with the help of family and friends. Depending on what they enjoyed I took as a good idea.
We started to sell internationally and added more items: Home textile, children’s clothes, glass, wood, and so on. All of my ideas, and creations, are related to home. Home is a place to feel relaxed and rested. Every item in a home influences the people around them. You choose the item, and in turn, it influences you. If these things are beautiful and useful, then it can influence your everyday ideas.
All of my items are hand painted. It means that all of our contours are done first, and then things are painted inside. The first item I paint for a draft, then, painters then use as an example. However, every item has its own painter’s unique touch. This means you can’t find two alike. I also paint one of a kind items which I paint from scratch myself. A customer can bring me an idea, and I will try to create what they want, but with my own design. These are all unique, the idea, along with the creation.