For these events, the number of participants and the amount of time have no limits. On Monday through Thursday, the cost of the workshop is 150.- Euros. On Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays the price is 200.- Euros. You can paint porcelain which is white, or has pre painted outlines and all items are unique. You can order a recording of the event, which is something special. You can also get dishes with horse pictures. To get a picture of how many and what items you can choose from, from the amount of money you have paid, look at the price list. A workshop price includes coffee, tea, soft drinks, and cookies. For someone who has a birthday, a small gift, specially made from me is included. For this, it would be good to know the name of the child. During the course I teach them to use porcelain colors and different painting techniques. Because the lines are pre painted, there is no risk, all of the items will look great and you can use them on a daily basis. It usually takes a few hours, but I will assist as long as needed. If the painting time is over, that doesn’t mean the birthday is over. Kids can play and have fun, and the parents can have coffee, time isn’t an issue. Cake and food can be brought earlier, there are dishes ready to use here. Since the items have to be heated at 800 degrees Celsius, you will get the items the next work day.

Children’s events and birthdays can also be arranged at Sihi 37a, Rahumäe.

If you have more specific questions, call Helina at +372 561383, or send an email to: