The workshop is for all ages and is a unique way to spend some time. It helps to relax, and like all art you can even find some parts of yourself you didn’t know existed. It is a good opportunity to make something for a close friend or relative, a special gift made specifically by you. It’s a great feeling to design something for a special occasion, your own cup, bowl, or plate, which in the future will remind you of the event. Colors have been pre mixed and made ready and the instructor gives advice on how you can get the results you want. The participants who have had the biggest doubts have often had the best results. In the workshop, participants can use plain white porcelain or pre painted porcelain. The course takes about 3 hours, and of course naturally there will be some who wish to go longer. There are coffee and cookies at every course. It is possible to order a menu for food, soft drinks, and wine. You can also order it from a catering company. These courses are happening in Tallin’s Old Town at Pikk 41/1.

Info and registration can be found here: